I make all the jewellery of plain gold (raw material) that you may either purchase in my Studio or entrust to me. Every single jewellery item is a designer model but if you prefer, I can mould designs (even the most extravagant) created by you.

Art jewellery products made by me:

- Necklaces and tiaras - Ladies and mens chains, to choose from a vast array of special chain links - Pendants and droplets with or without gems and modelled by hand; monogram - Mountings for large, irregular precious stones - Bracelets and bangles plated in gold alloys of different colour, connected to form intricate chain designs according to the latest fashion or just supplementing a piece of jewellery you already have; ladies and mens - Cuff links - Tie pins and slides studded with precious stones, with monograms, or the family crest - Signets with a monogram, the family crest or gem - Jewellery for hunters - Visiting card cases - Birthday spoons with a monogram or the family crest - Engagement rings stud with gemstones or stones corresponding to your partner's sun sign - Wedding rings in various shades of gold, knurled, engraved or sanded - Company logos - Relief - Jewellery replica. - and all services connected with repair of both modern and antique or just sentimental gold jewellery.