Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to my Art Jewellery Studio - a place of designing and making of the real jewellery and the only real jewellery is the one hand made by the real artists of handicraft. I come from the family of artists and designers who specialized in the hand-made colour glass forms and who became famous already in 70-ies. As for myself, I discovered another sphere of creativity, namely plain gold and use it to make an array of jewellery. All of my jewellery is hand by me, modelled according to the old traditional methods of goldsmith's trade. My works are often exhibited during the international exhibitions promoting handcrafted and not cased jewellery. Last year, as a member of the Polish Board of Goldsmiths and Jewelleries, I took part in the exhibition "Gold, Silver, Time", organized in Warsaw .
Together with the Fellowship of Artistic Handicrafts in Wroclaw I promote the artists involved in handicrafts and in particular these, who hand-make unique custom design gold jewellery. I welcome you wholeheartedly to my shop, where you can buy, repair or order the gold jewellery.

Sincerely your Maciej Słuczan-Orkusz